Want to learn Chinese writing? Either you want to teach yourself or teach your kids how to write Chinese, this Copybook can help you. Practice makes perfect and you do not need to worry about buying paper copybook. This Copybook app provides you with more writing spaces than traditional copybook. Children usually learn fast by practice writing Chinese through imitation. Copybook will definitely be an effective learning tool for you.

Besides learning Chinese writing, you can also learn the zhuyin and pinyin pronunciation, which is the fundamental building block for learning to speak mandarin. Chinese character definition is also translated to English and French, which are two of the most widely spoken world languages. Therefore, in this app, you can actually learn traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and French at the same time.

Copybook provides the following useful functions:

- Writing animation illustrates the correct writing order of the strokes
- Mandarin pronunciation
- English translation and pronunciation
- French translation and pronunciation
- Number of strokes
- Radical
- Pinyin and Zhuyin
- Examples of using the Chinese character
- Mandarin pronunciation
- English definition
- Pinyin and Zhuyin
- 12 blank spaces in the copy book for practicing writing
- Replay in stroke-by stroke how you wrote the selected written Chinese character(s) in the copybook. This allows teacher or parent to check the homework
- 5 stars scoring system provides teacher or parents to score the homework
- Email your completed copybook page to teacher or parents so that they can monitor your learning progress
- Share your Chinese character writing with others via social networks
- Statistics summary provides your writing status, progress and scores
- WYWIWYG - What You Write Is What You Get.

When you are ready to learn more Chinese characters, in-app purchase is available. This version also provides

- Three times more blank spaces to practice writing (up to 36 spaces)
- Multiple select function for sharing and printing
- Printing the written Chinese characters in the copy book
- Printing the blank copybook for practice writing with pen or pencil
- Advertisements Free environment